Get Your Snoring Under Control Before It Gets Serious

Persistent, continual snoring damages the muscles of the airway and can eventually lead to the onset of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This can disrupt restorative deep sleep and interfere with healthy REM (dream) sleep.

Breathing correctly has two main time frames:

While your awake, breathing can be controlled by a conscious effort to correct posture, correct tongue position and keeping mouth breathing to a minimum.  * see myofunctional therapy website for info.  (AOMT) www.

Sleep disordered breathing is treated using any of the therapies below.

Ways to Treat Snoring or Sleep Apnea

Both can be treated and/or controlled by various adjunct therapies, interventions and good habits which are:

  1. CPAP
  2. Dental oral appliance therapy, MAD
  3. Various surgeries
  4. Implanted muscle stimulators.
  5. Provent therapy controls nasal exhalations.
  6. Breath Rite strips to open nasal valves, mouth taping to keep lips sealed during sleep.
  7. Good sleep hygiene.
  8. Exercise
  9. Healthy diet
  10. No late night alcohol or food
  11. Eliminating sleeping Rxs that relax muscles
  12. Treatment of insomnia by trained psychologist.
  13. Develop good sleeping rhythms in conjunction with Circadian cycle
  14. Strengthen muscles of face and airway with specific exercises.
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